As the unrelenting storm hits the Bay Area Monday, the South Bay is dealing with toppling trees and streets turning into creeks.
Strong winds ripped off leaves and storms drains are getting clogged leading to flooding in some areas.
In Los Gatos, dozens of streets are flooded and have caught some drivers by surprise.
“The traffic is miserable,” a driver said.

But slow commutes aren’t the only concern. Los Gatos resident Melissa Berger is expecting her power to go out any minute.
“We are getting our electric vehicles charged and our phones charged,” she said, “we have been through this before several times in the last year.”
High winds have sent trees crashing down in Los Gatos. In Felton, where the storm dumped nearly seven inches of rain in the past day, a large tree came down on a house.
Thankfully, the people inside were not hurt.
Mudslides have also affected the Los Gatos community and have made driving conditions very difficult.
“I hit a berm while I was driving slowly and because it was raining hard, I decided to keep driving on the tire for a couple miles and it shredded it up,” said Zachary Gable.
At the moment, there is no end in sight for torrential rain hitting the Bay Area. As crews clear one storm drain, another one clogs.
People are advised to watch out for flooding and strong winds carrying debris.