Stop Training in Rivers
One third of people who die in swiftwater incidents are first responders, and most have never trained on an actual vehicle. Around the world, emergency services personnel are training in creeks and rivers, which carry bacteria and reach dangerous temperatures in the winter.

A safe yet realistic training environment is essential to protecting our flood rescue teams. That’s why Fathom Tanks developed fully controllable and customizable flood rescue simulations for emergency services providers.

Shoot in a Safe and Comfortable Environment
Whether you need a water location for a single shot or multi-day job involving a full set build, we have options to fit your production needs. Fathom Tanks are above-ground, climate controlled sets that can be housed inside a building or stand alone for easy camera access.

From commercial productions to feature films, our water tanks allow you to get the complex underwater shots you need in a safe, controlled environment. They can be rented by the day or purchased and assembled at your location.

Conduct Water Research Safely and Effectively
Fathom Tanks can be used for a wide range of underwater research projects, from underwater robotics to construction to neutral buoyancy aerospace research. These above-ground, indoor water tanks can be heated and adjusted for water level, current, flow, and other factors.

Colleges and universities across the country have used Fathom Tanks to simulate deep sea environments and other subsurface experiences for research and training purposes.

Create a Neutral Buoyancy Training Environment
Fathom’s patented underwater tanks can be modified to simulate a microgravity or zero gravity environment for astronaut training. Our cylindrical neutral buoyancy tanks use image projection and light blocking features to replicate a spacecraft or extravehicular activities (EVA).

The tanks can be used to help aerospace companies develop flight procedures, conduct research, and prepare for space missions in a safe, controlled environment.

Benefits of Fathom Water Simulation Tanks

Designed by a former Navy diver, our above-ground water tanks are deep enough to submerge a vehicle and can be heated and controlled for water current.

Features include:

  • 24/7 access to clean, filtered, treated water
  • Controllable water level, temperature, current, flow and direction
  • Realistic lighting, thunder, rain, police sirens and lighting features
  • Realistic outer space simulation features
  • Zero-accident safety record

Get Your Tank
Tanks typically take 4-6 months to deliver and vary in price depending on customization options.
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