CARTER COUNTY, Ky (WSAZ) – As heavy rainfall impacts roadways with standing water in parts of our region, it also impacts rivers that may already be reaching their breaking point.
Neighbors who live along the Little Sandy River, like Tyler Mabry, know how quickly the water can rise.
“I saw the water get up to right there and it flooded almost to my dog’s house and that worries me. I’d hate for my dog to get flooded,” Mabry said.
Carter County Emergency Management Director Adam Stapleton says when there is steady rainfall, it’s not likely the river will flood. However, there is the potential for thunderstorms to come down Saturday evening, so heavy pockets of rain could lead to a quick rise on the river.
“Well, yesterday it was probably six feet lower than it is right now and it’ll probably get higher tonight and tomorrow,” Mabry said.
In preparation for potential flooding, Stapleton says a couple of fire departments throughout the area are ready to go with emergency rescue crews if a situation arises.
Emergency management has been on call throughout the day Saturday, and they’ll be out in the county during the evening hours.
“I really don’t know what I’d do… the goats’ field is here at the bottom. They just got a little electric fence, it could get washed away real easily,” Mabry said.
While Mabry keeps a steady watch on the water levels, he makes sure to keep his precious animals out of harm’s way.
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