The two people who tragically died last week when their car became submerged in rapidly rising floodwaters beneath a Caltrain overpass in Millbrae have been identified as a married couple who lived nearby.
The exact circumstances that led to the drowning deaths of of the two victims on a Millbrae street on Thursday, December 23 may remain unknown. But authorities have now ID’d the pair as 63-year-old Rolando Ortigas Glorioso and 62-year-old Susana Glorioso, both of Millbrae. As KTVU reports, neighbors say that they were a married a couple who lived not far from where their car became submerged on East Hillcrest Boulevard.
The street dips below grade under a railway overpass, and intense rain last Thursday morning caused localized flooding that in this location occurred quickly. Rescue crews arrived at the scene and found two people standing atop the roof of a submerged vehicle — and they only later found the gray pickup submerged where the Gloriosos had become trapped in the rising water, after the area was drained, which took several hours.
“At this time we don’t know exactly what happened,” said San Mateo County Sheriff’s Detective Javier Acosta, per KPIX. “However, there was heavy rain this morning.”
Much of low-lying Millbrae became inundated with floodwaters last Thursday following days of heavy rain.

Other localized flooding was reported in various locations around the Bay Area.
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