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Betty Bowden
Betty Bowden
20 Years Ago
California’s newest college will open its doors to as many as 3,000 students in Lemoore next Monday, Jan. 14, when classes start at the new $33 million West Hills Community College at Bush Street and College Avenue near highway 198 and 41. Faculty and staff members have moved from the old campus at 19th and Cinnamon in Lemoore, which has operated in portable classrooms for 20 years. In 1982, six full time and one part time staff member handled the 23 classes offered that fall. This month more than 500 class sections will be offered.
25 Years Ago
Flood damage could affect the operation of California farms for months to come, as farmers cope with damage to their farms, homes, land and equipment. Farmers will have to deal with a wide variety of problems as they try to restore their lives and businesses to normal. Dairy farmers have also reported damage to feed stored in barns. That feed must be replaced. Farmers in some flooded areas say damage to railroad tracks could hamper their ability to bring replacement feed to their farms, and increase the expense.
35 Years Ago
25th anniversary — Lemoore’s big snowstorm — “The Big Chill” No, not the movie, but Lemoore’s day in the snow, an event that gave local residents a once-in-a-lifetime thrill 25 years ago this month. Lemoore woke up on Monday, Jan. 22, 1962 to a virtual winter wonderland, the result of flakes which began falling about 10 p.m. Sunday. By morning, five inches of snow covered the city, remaining on the ground for nearly two-and-a-half days thanks to ice cold temperatures that bottomed out at 14 degrees. The highly unusual snow—the last white stuff in the valley lowlands had been recorded in the 1930s, but those flakes were said to have melted as they touched the ground—closed Kings County Schools for two days and provided both children and adults a reason to celebrate. “Local garages and automotive firms were hard pressed to meet motorists’ demands for chains and antifreeze,” said the front page Advance story according to the Jan. 25, 1962 edition. “Most calls for the wreckers were to pull vehicles from ditches.” The number of mishaps on the county’s major highways were few—primarily involving sailors from six-month old Lemoore Naval Air Station—and there were no serious injuries.
Erecting a barrier to prevent left turns across 18th Avenue just south of the Hanford-Armona Road will be one part of a comprehensive program to improve traffic circulation in north Lemoore, the City Council decided Tuesday. Council also endorsed diverting further north-south traffic growth from 18th Avenue. Among the alternatives to be studied are improving 19th Avenue to arterial standards, making Cinnamon Drive into a through street, extending Fox Street to H/A Rd. and connecting Daphne and East “D” streets.
40 Years Ago
The first born in the New Year has always been an occurrence worth recording even if the newcomers are members of the animal kingdom. Island district goat dairyman Steve Amaro and family had a number of welcome additions on New Year’s Day, including a little brood of triplets. In addition to the trio of “kids,” the Amaro dairy also produced a pair of twins and one single birth on the first day of 1982.
90 Years Ago
Stove wood is reported to have gone clear out of sight in Fresno, being quoted at $10 per cord. It is also said that the dealers in stove wood are seeking to control the output of blocks from the lumber mills.
F.L. Moody has a fine flowing artesian well on his home place. The well was bored by himself and Andy Taylor.
100 Years Ago
A good suggestion has come to the Advance lately with regard to following the example of Fresno county and some of the other counties of the state in naming all of the roads of the county, and taking steps to have those names put into general use. It has been pointed out that if the county should take this step, the Automobile Club would doubtless sign the roads as they have been in Fresno county, at no extra expense to the county. The idea, which we understand has been suggested before, should be acted upon. The task of directing strangers or even old residents about the county is sometimes an arduous one, especially when the directions will take travelers across the country. No one needs to be told that. The only thing necessary to put the idea into effect is to put it into effect.
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