Over 150 khula appplications filed every day

In the last four years, Lahore has doubled the number of its family courts from six to 12. A session judge has reasoned the increase to the rising divorce cases in the city.

On SAMAA TV programme Qutb Online Monday, SAMAA TV reporter Arshad Ali revealed that more than 11,000 women filed for khula or dissolution of marriage during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.

Every day, approximately 150 khula applications are filed in Lahore.

Ali said that divorce cases, in most circumstances, are delayed. “When a case is filed, a family judge first tries to reconcile the couple. The proceedings begin when he fails to do so.”

In Lahore, a special center has been established where family and session court judges meet the complainants and talk to them to reach a negotiation. In most cases, however, no agreements are made.

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