INDIANAPOLIS — Georgia and Alabama fans were out in full force downtown before the College Football Playoff national championship. They were among the 100,000 people expected to attend the game and many of them headed downtown before cheering on their teams. 
Despite the cold weather, fans were eager to show pride for their teams. 
“We are southern girls. We are not used to the cold, but we love our Dawgs. So, it’s hard not travel for a great team,” said Georgia fan Tegan Sullivan.
The city hosted some of the team’s most diehard fans, like Debbie and Richard Robinson. They are Alabama fans who met at an Alabama game in 1986. They said the team has always been a big part of who they are.
“We are hopeful to win. If anybody can do it, Nick Saban can get them ready. I think we have an awesome team. I think Georgia is a fabulous team. I think it’s hard to beat an SEC team twice in the same year. We are hopeful we are going to roll tonight,” said Debbie Robinson.
Fans may have been out enjoying Indy’s restaurants and events, but they didn’t forget why they came.
“It’s a business trip up here to win. We’ll have fun when we get back,” said Alabama fan Taylor. 
“I love Jesus Christ, but I have faith in the Dawgs,” said Nick Faulkner. 
“God has favor over dogs. Do you know what dog spelled backward is? God,” said Ali Ebbert.
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“We just took a long road trip here, so the Dawgs better win for us. We are skipping class. We are taking a long drive, spending a lot of gas money, sleeping on couches. Please, we want a Dawg win,” said Sullivan.
There’s one thing that Georgia and Alabama fans did agree on—They’re having a great time in our beautiful city.
“It’s been great. I think Indianapolis has so much to offer. I think the weather was nice. I wish the weather was warmer. There’s been a lot of fun activities. It’s been fun to see that and everyone out experiencing it,” said Debbie Robinson.
“We got some good food and some good drinks. The people have been so kind to us. We thank Indianapolis for having us,” said Sullivan.
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