Will there be Halo Infinite Flood in the new Zeta Halo installation? There have been various Halo Infinite leaks and rumors regarding the presence of the Flood in the open-world Halo game out next week, but the zombie-like enemies haven’t been seen in a mainline Halo game since the RTS Halo Wars 2 in 2019 — despite being a major part of the original trilogy’s storyline. So what are these leaks and are the Flood in Halo Infinite after all?
Halo Infinite FloodHalo Infinite Flood
At the moment there has been no confirmation whether or not the Flood will feature in Halo Infinite’s campaign or even multiplayer but there have been teases and plenty of lore details that make it seem very likely.
The Halo Infinite Flood leaks come via a couple of sounds released or datamined over the past year. The first is Halo Infinite’s multiplayer announcer clearly saying “survive against the Flood to win,” suggesting some sort of return of Halo 4’s Flood mode. As for within the campaign itself, back in March a blog post on sound design in Halo Infinite included a video of ambient noise that featured a strange gurgling roar that players theorized could be a Flood creature. That video was actually deleted, giving credence to the rumor, but the audio can be listened to here (it’s around 17 seconds in).
Halo’s own lore regarding Zeta Halo, or Installation 07, makes an appearance by the Flood in Halo Infinite extremely likely. Zeta Halo was actually the site where numerous experiments by the Forerunners on the Flood took place, and when the ring was lost it was basically conquered by the Flood, with multiple proto-Graveminds on its surface. While when the Halos were all activated most of Flood was wiped out, the fact they were still present in the first Halo game on Installation 04 suggests they could have survived.
Guess fans will find out next week when Halo Infinite releases on December 8. For more on Halo Infinite, here’s how to level up the multiplayer Battle Pass quickly, and here’s what to do if the game’s insisting that it’s offline all the time.