Newly Installed Floodwall to Mitigate Future High-Water Damage to Community Park
Storm Sewer Improvements along Edgemere Road to Protect Roadway and Ensure Access to Nearby Homes and Businesses
Projects Selected as Part of State’s $300 million Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative
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Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the completion of a $1.1 million floodwall project to mitigate future flood damage in the town of Greece, Monroe County, as part the State’s Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI). Recurring inundation due to high lake levels has posed an ongoing threat to infrastructure in the vicinity of Long Pond Outlet, making these areas inaccessible to residents and emergency personnel and causing deterioration to nearby Edgemere Drive. During high water events, Channel Park, a neighborhood space serving approximately 300 homes, becomes submerged. The flooding negatively impacts the park and playground equipment and leaves the Lake Shore Fire District boat launch unusable, compromising emergency response capabilities. DEC and the town of Greece collaborated on the project to ensure it protected both community assets and the environment.
“Properties along the Lake Ontario shoreline were devastated during the historic flooding that occurred in 2019, and New York State recognized the need for added flood protection throughout the region,” Governor Hochul said. “Through the REDI program, we’re acting swiftly and decisively to mitigate future flooding effects on public infrastructure. My top priority is protecting the people who live in these communities – these resiliency projects in the town of Greece will help mitigate flooding, protect homes, enhance safety and create sustainable infrastructure.”
Mitigation and revitalization measures undertaken in the Channel Park project included:
The completion of the project marries the needs of the community and the environment, bringing improved accessibility, safer vehicle access, as well as new pedestrian and playground facilities. In addition, the natural interface between the water and land maintains habitat, allowing wildlife to continue to prosper.
Additionally, Governor Hochul announced construction is underway on a $250,000 REDI-funded storm sewer project in the town of Greece. Edgemere Road is bordered by ponds to the south and Lake Ontario to the north, making it vulnerable to flooding and erosion. The road is a major access route to numerous homes and local businesses. During storm events, the road floods in multiple locations due to low spots and flooding makes it difficult to reach residences, impairing the passage of emergency vehicles. The Town of Greece led project at the Town park adjacent to Cranberry Pond will mitigate future surcharge flooding through regrading, positive drainage, and discharge valving. The project includes a discharge structure, which will enable the Town to pump overflow from the storm sewer system into Cranberry Pond, as well as riprap shoreline protection. These upgrades will mitigate surcharge flooding, protecting the road and the homes on the opposite side from water damage. Additionally, this would allow the road to remain open for emergency responders. The existing car top boat launch will still remain available.
Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner and REDI Commission Co-Chair Basil Seggos said, “New York’s REDI program continues to advance strategic flood protection and resiliency projects across Lake Ontario shoreline communities historically hit by high water and extreme weather. DEC is collaborating with the officials in the town of Greece and Monroe County to identify and implement key infrastructure improvement projects like the Long Pond Outlet floodwall, investing in projects that will both protect communities and safeguard the environment by rebuilding smarter and stronger.”
Executive Deputy Secretary of State Brendan C. Hughes said, “Through the REDI program, New York State is helping Lake Ontario communities revitalize their waterfronts and strengthen resiliency against future flooding. The completion of the Channel Park project in the Town of Greece marks an important step forward in protecting the community park from high water events. The DOS is proud to be an active partner with local governments throughout the region, continuing its commitment to building more resilient communities through REDI and other DOS programs.”
State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Acting Commissioner Jackie Bray said, “These REDI projects in Greece are critical to enhancing safety, as they provide uninterrupted access to communities along the lakeshore. By creating measures to mitigate future floodwaters from impacting private property and public infrastructure, we are making New York a more resilient and safer place to call home.”
State Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon said, “The Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative continues to improve infrastructure in communities impacted by severe flooding. I applaud Governor Hochul for her continued investment in safety measures that strengthen and protect communities from future natural disasters.”
State Senator Jeremy Cooney said, “Each year homeowners in Greece are impacted by the challenges of erosion. The Long Pond Outlet project will put safeguards in place to protect our recreational areas’ shoreline. Residents will have greater access to enjoy all that Channel Park has to offer while ensuring sustainability. I am grateful to the Resiliency and Economic Development Commission for their support of our region, and I look forward to the positive results of this work.”
Assemblyman Josh Jensen said, “I applaud the state’s commitment to continuing to take steps to ensure the resiliency of our shoreline communities and partnering with local government in the completion of the project at Channel Park at the Long Pond Outlet. This investment by New York State will allow homeowners, first responders and community members to feel safer and more prepared for Lake Ontario’s next high-water event. Ensuring continued access and stabilization for Channel Park is critically important for residents and allows for continuous access to the launch site at all times.”
County Executive Adam Bello said, “This resiliency project at the Long Pond Outlet and Channel Park in Greece will help mitigate future flooding effects on public infrastructure and protect residents living along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Flooding in 2017 and 2019 highlighted the vulnerability of our lakeshore communities. This work helps safeguard public health and safety and improves our quality of life. I thank New York state, the REDI commission and Gov. Hochul for this important investment in Monroe County.”
Town of Greece Supervisor William Reilich said, “I am very proud of what we have achieved here. This project has transformed a flood-prone park with water-damaged equipment into a showpiece that we can be proud of for many years to come.  The obvious resiliency and operational benefits of the new elevated infrastructure like parking, lighting, and playground equipment alone will maximize the life of this investment, but the project has done so much more. The new flood wall will protect the remaining areas of the park from flooding, making the park usable and minimizing disruption and the cost of grounds maintenance and restoration during and after high-water years. More importantly, the new flood wall will prevent road flooding on the park’s frontage, maintaining continuous access for emergency responders located across the street at the Lake Shore Fire District station. If all of that wasn’t enough, this REDI project ended up being a complete rehabilitation of this popular waterfront park, including better parking, new walking paths, new lighting, a bike rack, and a fantastic new playground that is already a hit with the neighborhood. The project is a huge success, and an example of what government can do when we all work together.”
In response to the extended pattern of flooding along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, New York State established REDI to increase the resilience of shoreline communities and bolster economic development in the region. Five REDI Regional Planning Committees, comprised of representatives from eight counties (Niagara and Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego, and Jefferson and St. Lawrence) were established to identify local priorities, at-risk infrastructure and other assets, and public safety concerns. Through REDI, the State has committed up to $300 million, to benefit communities and improve resiliency in flood prone regions along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.
Since the creation of the State’s REDI program in the Spring of 2019, 134 REDI funded local and regional projects are underway, including 82 projects in the design phase, 17 projects in the construction phase, and 35 projects completed.
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