published : 21 Dec 2021 at 16:44
writer: Waedao Harai
NARATHIWAT: Communities in four districts have been flooded as the rain-swollen Sungai Kolok river continues to overflow.
The provincial disaster prevention and mitigation office said the river was still rising as runoff continued to drain from Sankala Khiri mountain in Sukhirin district.
Sungai Kolok, Waeng, Rueso and Sungai Padi districts were hit by floods, and 10,149 people from 2,033 households were affected, with 616 houses damaged, along with 13 roads and one dyke.
Hardest-hit was Sungai Kolok district where a dyke at Moo 1 village in tambon Muno was breached by the strong current, allowing water to flow into Muno and Prue Mong villages in tambon Muno. Water levels at the two villages rose rapidly from about 20 centimetres to 50-80cm deep.
Mobile toilets have since been provided by the provincial administration organisation at both villages.
The flood water at Sungai Kolok police station was about 1.60m deep on Tuesday, with about 20 vehicles, cars and motorcycles, awash in the compound.
Four blocks of living quarters, with 40 rooms, were also flooded out, with police and their families evacuating to high ground. Electricity to the police station and living quarters was cut off.
At Muno School, teachers’ houses and school buildings were flooded and teaching equipment damaged.
Domestic car sales fell 3.2% in November from a year earlier to 71,716 vehicles, the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) said in a statement on Tuesday.
Singapore reported its first suspected local omicron cluster, a group of three Covid-19 infections traced to a gym, the health ministry said in a statement late Monday.
KANCHANABURI: A five-year-old girl died from her wounds when a shotgun discharged while she and two young boys were playing alone in a room in a village chief's house in Phanom Thuan district on Monday.