Pockets of heavy rain is expected in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties through the late Friday afternoon rush hour causing possible flooding issues most likely during 4 to 6 pm.
Imagine pulling out of a parking garage, finding water in place of the road.  For people in the neighborhood of Edgewater, this is reality lately anytime a bad storm moves through.
Any time it rains people in Edgewater are crossing their fingers, hoping the streets won’t become filled with water.
“I’ve seen cars floating away.  I’ve seen people kayaking in the streets and others wake-boarding in the neighborhoods a little bit farther away,” says Federico Torres.  “It should be sunny and cool outside and we’re getting rain like it’s the middle of July,” he says.
In a video taken last night you can see a red car stuck in the middle of the road on Northeast 23rd Street.
“It’s crazy some cars must pull back because they can’t even get through because of the flooding,” says Andrea Tavio.
We reached out to the City for a comment, but we haven’t heard back yet.  We do know they have crews working to clear storm drains and pump excess water off our roadways.
“I changed my car recently just because of that.  I had a low-profile car and I switched it for an SUV because it’s been flooding so often.  You see those videos and you see the flooding and you think that could be my car next time and no one wants to go through that,” says Torres.
If you notice flooding in the city of Miami, click here to report it.