Heavy rainfall brought by a frontal system has impacted wide areas of Chile since 23 June 2023. Disaster authorities report at least 2 people have died and 6 are missing, while thousands have been displaced or left isolated.
Since the start of the severe weather on 23 June, San José de Maipo in Santiago Metropolitan Region recorded 126.4 mm of rain. Retiro in Maule Region recorded 156.6 mm and Concepción in Biobío Region recorded 97.6 mm.
Chile’s disaster agency, Servicio Nacional de Prevención y Respuesta ante Desastres (SENAPRED), said the regions of Valparaíso, Santiago Metropolitan, O’Higgins, Maule, Ñuble, Biobío and Araucanía have all been severely affected.
Roads have been cut in over 40 locations, leaving almost 10,000 people isolated. Around 2,700 homes have been damaged and 54 destroyed, displacing as many as 5,000 people. Interruptions to power supply have affected around 15,000. High turbidity and increase in the flow of the Maipo River in Valparaiso Region has interrupted drinking water supply to 53,000 people in the communes of San Antonio, Cartagena, El Quisco, El Tabo and Algarrobo.
SENAPRED reported one person died in Concepción in Biobío Region. Over 750 people have been left isolated after roads were cut in Alto Biobío.
In Santiago Metropolitan Region, one person died in Peñalolén, SENAPRED said. Homes have been damaged or destroyed and hundreds displaced by floods in El Monte, Melipilla and Lo Espejo. In San José de Maipo as many as 1,123 people were isolated.
Rengo in the O’Higgins Region has suffered severe impacts, with 960 residents affected, 40 houses destroyed and 200 with major damage. Around 400 people have been displaced and 100 homes damaged in Santa Crus. Hundreds of people were also displaced by floods in San Fernando and Peumo.
Meanwhile in Maule Region, 6 people were reported missing in floods in the Ancoa Reservoir River, Callejón el Peumo sector in Linares. One of those missing is a member of the volunteer Fire Department who was providing support in rescue efforts at the time. Elsewhere in the region, around 2,500 people have been left isolated after roads were damaged in Curepto.

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